Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon

The new Moon Loving tee comes to you with a bohemian soul. You can look good AND feel good wearing this tee with its 100% organic cotton from ethical and sustainable sources.

  • This is your “I don’t know what to wear” top, and you will know you look great.
  • This is your “I have school run in 5 minutes” top, and you will know you look put together.
  • This is your “I have a lunch date” top, and you know you will feel comfortable and look gorgeous.

The Moon Loving tee has long sleeves, a rounded hem and a boat neck. The tee features a beautiful image on the front with the words, "Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon".

This tee is fitted but not tight. Most ladies have found they like the fit of the size one down from their usual size. I am usually a 10 and I chose the size 8 for me. If you are between sizes I would definitely recommend going down to the lower size, eg: if you are a 12-14, choose the 12 for a more flattering look. 

Styling this tee is so easy, you can match it with anything. Here are my Top 5 favourites:

  1. Jeans for a classic, stylish look that will take you anywhere.
  2. Try it with a long flowing skirt to bring in the hippy vibe.
  3. Run your errands in style, match it with your activewear, a great pair of patterned tights look awesome with this tee.
  4. Pair it with a denim skirt for a weekend brunch
  5. Pop on your favourite trackies for a bit of Netflix and Chill, this is the tee you can wear for everything

The Moon Loving tee comes in black or white, your hardest decision will be which colour to choose... Insider Tip: Get both! 


Happy Moon Loving Ivy and Me Babes 

Amber xx 



Check out the Moon Loving Tee in action...

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