Quick Tips

Here's my quick tips to get you looking fabulous every time you get dressed!

  • Earrings are the quickest way to amp up your look. Long dangly earrings will have you feeling feminine, sexy and confident and they will get you noticed! Don't be worried about weight on your ears, there are plenty of options that are lightweight but park a heavy punch - check out the "Sonic" earrings from Park Lane (in my shop).
  • Colour is the most powerful tool in your wardrobe. The colours you wear not only affect your own mood, but also how others perceive you. It's no accident that Queen Elizabeth is now making public appearances in bold, bright colours that make her look vibrant and strong.
  • Florals distract from areas you don't like and always give a beautiful feminine finish.
  • Bare shoulders make you feel sexy and pull the focus up to your lovely face.
  • Your wrists are the skinniest part of your body, draw attention away from problem areas and onto your wrists with an arm party of eye catching bracelets.
  • Dress your "Impact Zone". From your shoulders and up is your impact zone- so called because this is where you make the most impact. A scarf, a beautiful statement necklace - or even both at the same time - bring the eye up to this area and give you instant impact and striking style.
  • It's not about the size you wear, it's about the way you wear your size. Have confidence beauty, you are an amazing woman. 

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