Where's the blog?

Okay, I am finally getting my sh*t together! … Well that is the plan anyway… I know online shopping can be hard so I always wanted to give you as much info as I could about each item in the Ivy and Me range.

If you follow me on the socials you will know I load heaps of pics of each of the clothes and I do a regular “Work It Wednesday”: A series of Live videos to Facebook demonstrating my excellent ability to say something stupid when I am under pressure while showing you the clothes at the same time.

But I wanted to give you more! My poor old blog just sits there. The last entry was months ago. I wanted to give it some love but I just couldn’t find the time around Mum Life, Business Life… and all the Life things.

It is finally time people! Each week I will bring you a detailed look into one or two pieces from the Ivy and Me range. I’ll give you some styling tips and show you more pictures of each item so you get a great idea of how each item will look and feel on you.

I’m kicking off today with the Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon tee. Check it out in the next blog!


I hope all you Ivy and Me Babes have a great day

Amber xx


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