Magnetic Liner
Magnetic Liner
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Magnetic Liner

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Still using glue? Witchy Lady, its time for something new. This magnetic liner will have you gasping in surprise! Apply the liner and snap your lashes in to place, no glue, no mess, no frowns.

♥ Highly pigmented, nothing dull about this liner!

♥ Formulated for our Australian Weather

♥ Vegan & Cruelty Free

♥ Works with our curated magnetic lashes 

♥ All day hold

♥ Waterproof

There is no doubt this magic liner will have you wearing lashes just for the fun of it. Nothing transforms your eyes the way that some soft lashes do, and now there is an easy solution just for you. 


How does it work?

The magnetic liner contains tiny magnetic particles. They are set in our specially formulated liner once dry, and that creates a magnetic surface for your lashes to snap on to. Kind of like fridge magnets, but gentler, for your eyes!


What will it do?

♥ Give you a highly pigmented line

♥ Create a surface that attracts our curated Witchy Lashes

♥ Lock them in to place by setting them in the liner, no budging!

♥ Hold up through rain, shine and sweat


What won't it do?

Create an on-off.. on-off.. on... you get the idea. Our product isn't formulated for you to change lashes at a whim, because its formulated to hold them in place. So if you are Taylor Swift, changing lashes between each song you may need to hire a make-up artist to help you out. If you are an every day Witchy Lady, this liner will allow you to apply your lashes without the struggle and give you the wow factor that lasts all day. 


Is it safe to use?

Yes! Our Witchy team uses their lashes most days, and we have never had a problem arise because of it. Our customers are happy too! Of-course all bodies are different, so what is good for one Witchy Lady may not be good for the next. We suggest that you use a little bit of the liner on the inside of your elbow before you apply it to your eyes. If all is good then pop it on your eyes, if not, it is best not to use the product. 


How do you remove the magnetic eyeliner?

With our specially formulated Witchy Cleaning oil of-course! Glide the roller bottle over your eyelid until you feel you have enough remover applied. Give it a minute to soak in and give your eyes a little massage with your finger tips. The oil breaks down the liner, and the massaging action helps to remove it. Your eyes will thank you for it. 


What's in it?

These are the ingredients that you will find in our Witchy Magnetic Liner. They have been checked with the Australian Regulatory body, and they are all approved for safe use in cosmetic products. 

Iron oxide, Isododecane, Silicic acid, Trisiloxane, Urea (non-animal source), Phenylglycol ether


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